" vim: filetype=vifm :
" Sample configuration file for vifm (last updated: 21 January, 2018)
" You can edit this file by hand.
" The " character at the beginning of a line comments out the line.
" Blank lines are ignored.
" The basic format for each item is shown with an example.
" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
" This is the actual command used to start vi.  The default is vim.
" If you would like to use another vi clone such as Elvis or Vile
" you will need to change this setting.
set vicmd=vim
" set vicmd=elvis\ -G\ termcap
" set vicmd=vile
" This makes vifm perform file operations on its own instead of relying on
" standard utilities like `cp`.  While using `cp` and alike is a more universal
" solution, it's also much slower and doesn't support progress measuring.
" set syscalls
" Trash Directory
" The default is to move files that are deleted with dd or :d to
" the trash directory.  If you change this you will not be able to move
" files by deleting them and then using p to put the file in the new location.
" I recommend not changing this until you are familiar with vifm.
" This probably shouldn't be an option.
set trash
" This is how many directories to store in the directory history.
set history=100
" Automatically resolve symbolic links on l or Enter.
set nofollowlinks
" With this option turned on you can run partially entered commands with
" unambiguous beginning using :! (e.g. :!Te instead of :!Terminal or :!Te<tab>).
" set fastrun
" Natural sort of (version) numbers within text.
set sortnumbers
" Maximum number of changes that can be undone.
set undolevels=100
" If you installed the vim.txt help file set vimhelp.
" If would rather use a plain text help file set novimhelp.
set novimhelp
" If you would like to run an executable file when you
" press return on the file name set this.
set norunexec
" Selected color scheme
colorscheme gray
" Format for displaying time in file list. For example:
" See man date or man strftime for details.
set timefmt=%m/%d\ %H:%M
" Show list of matches on tab completion in command-line mode
set wildmenu
" Display completions in a form of popup with descriptions of the matches
set wildstyle=popup
" Display suggestions in normal, visual and view modes for keys, marks and
" registers (at most 5 files).  In other view, when available.
set suggestoptions=normal,visual,view,otherpane,keys,marks,registers
" Ignore case in search patterns unless it contains at least one uppercase
" letter
set ignorecase
set smartcase
" Don't highlight search results automatically
set nohlsearch
" Use increment searching (search while typing)
set incsearch
" Try to leave some space from cursor to upper/lower border in lists
set scrolloff=4
" Don't do too many requests to slow file systems
if !has('win')
    set slowfs=curlftpfs
" Set custom status line look
" set statusline="  Hint: %z%= %A %10u:%-7g %15s %20d  "
set statusline="  %t%= %A %10u:%-7g %15s %20d  "
" Show number of entries in the directory, instead of size
set dirsize=nitems
" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
" :mark mark /full/directory/path [filename]
mark b ~/bin/
mark h ~/
" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
" :com[mand][!] command_name action
" The following macros can be used in a command
" %a is replaced with the user arguments.
" %c the current file under the cursor.
" %C the current file under the cursor in the other directory.
" %f the current selected file, or files.
" %F the current selected file, or files in the other directory.
" %b same as %f %F.
" %d the current directory name.
" %D the other window directory name.
" %m run the command in a menu window
command! df df -h %m 2> /dev/null
command! diff vim -d %f %F
command! zip zip -r %f.zip %f
command! run !! ./%f
command! make !!make %a
command! mkcd :mkdir %a | cd %a
command! vgrep vim "+grep %a"
command! reload :write | restart
" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
" The file type is for the default programs to be used with
" a file extension.
" :filetype pattern1,pattern2 defaultprogram,program2
" :fileviewer pattern1,pattern2 consoleviewer
" The other programs for the file type can be accessed with the :file command
" The command macros %f, %F, %d, %F may be used in the commands.
" The %a macro is ignored.  To use a % you must put %%.
" For automated FUSE mounts, you must register an extension with :file[x]type
" in one of following formats:
" :filetype extensions FUSE_MOUNT|some_mount_command using %SOURCE_FILE and %DESTINATION_DIR variables
" %SOURCE_FILE and %DESTINATION_DIR are filled in by vifm at runtime.
" A sample line might look like this:
" :filetype *.zip,*.jar,*.war,*.ear FUSE_MOUNT|fuse-zip %SOURCE_FILE %DESTINATION_DIR
" :filetype extensions FUSE_MOUNT2|some_mount_command using %PARAM and %DESTINATION_DIR variables
" %PARAM and %DESTINATION_DIR are filled in by vifm at runtime.
" A sample line might look like this:
" :filetype *.ssh FUSE_MOUNT2|sshfs %PARAM %DESTINATION_DIR
" %PARAM value is filled from the first line of file (whole line).
" Example first line for SshMount filetype: root@
" You can also add %CLEAR if you want to clear screen before running FUSE
" program.
" Pdf
filextype *.pdf zathura %c %i &, apvlv %c, xpdf %c
fileviewer *.pdf pdftotext -nopgbrk %c -
" PostScript
filextype *.ps,*.eps,*.ps.gz
        \ {View in zathura}
        \ zathura %f,
        \ {View in gv}
        \ gv %c %i &,
" Djvu
filextype *.djvu
        \ {View in zathura}
        \ zathura %f,
        \ {View in apvlv}
        \ apvlv %f,
" Audio
filetype *.wav,*.mp3,*.flac,*.m4a,*.wma,*.ape,*.ac3,*.og[agx],*.spx,*.opus
       \ {Play using ffplay}
       \ ffplay -nodisp %c,
       \ {Play using MPlayer}
       \ mplayer %f,
fileviewer *.mp3 mp3info
fileviewer *.flac soxi
" Video
filextype *.avi,*.mp4,*.wmv,*.dat,*.3gp,*.ogv,*.mkv,*.mpg,*.mpeg,*.vob,
        \ {View using ffplay}
        \ ffplay -fs %f,
        \ {View using Dragon}
        \ dragon %f:p,
        \ {View using mplayer}
        \ mplayer %f,
fileviewer *.avi,*.mp4,*.wmv,*.dat,*.3gp,*.ogv,*.mkv,*.mpg,*.mpeg,*.vob,
         \ ffprobe -pretty %c 2>&1
" Web
filextype *.html,*.htm
        \ {Open with dwb}
        \ dwb %f %i &,
        \ {Open with firefox}
        \ firefox %f &,
        \ {Open with uzbl}
        \ uzbl-browser %f %i &,
filetype *.html,*.htm links, lynx
" Object
filetype *.o nm %f | less
" Man page
filetype *.[1-8] man ./%c
fileviewer *.[1-8] man ./%c | col -b
" Images
filextype *.bmp,*.jpg,*.jpeg,*.png,*.gif,*.xpm
        \ {View in sxiv}
        \ sxiv %f,
        \ {View in gpicview}
        \ gpicview %c,
        \ {View in shotwell}
        \ shotwell,
fileviewer *.bmp,*.jpg,*.jpeg,*.png,*.gif,*.xpm
         \ convert -identify %f -verbose /dev/null
" OpenRaster
filextype *.ora
        \ {Edit in MyPaint}
        \ mypaint %f,
" Mindmap
filextype *.vym
        \ {Open with VYM}
        \ vym %f &,
" MD5
filetype *.md5
       \ {Check MD5 hash sum}
       \ md5sum -c %f %S,
" SHA1
filetype *.sha1
       \ {Check SHA1 hash sum}
       \ sha1sum -c %f %S,
" SHA256
filetype *.sha256
       \ {Check SHA256 hash sum}
       \ sha256sum -c %f %S,
" SHA512
filetype *.sha512
       \ {Check SHA512 hash sum}
       \ sha512sum -c %f %S,
" GPG signature
filetype *.asc
       \ {Check signature}
       \ !!gpg --verify %c,
" Torrent
filetype *.torrent ktorrent %f &
fileviewer *.torrent dumptorrent -v %c
" FuseZipMount
filetype *.zip,*.jar,*.war,*.ear,*.oxt,*.apkg
       \ {Mount with fuse-zip}
       \ {View contents}
       \ zip -sf %c | less,
       \ {Extract here}
       \ tar -xf %c,
fileviewer *.zip,*.jar,*.war,*.ear,*.oxt zip -sf %c
" ArchiveMount
filetype *.tar,*.tar.bz2,*.tbz2,*.tgz,*.tar.gz,*.tar.xz,*.txz
       \ {Mount with archivemount}
fileviewer *.tgz,*.tar.gz tar -tzf %c
fileviewer *.tar.bz2,*.tbz2 tar -tjf %c
fileviewer *.tar.txz,*.txz xz --list %c
fileviewer *.tar tar -tf %c
" Rar2FsMount and rar archives
filetype *.rar
       \ {Mount with rar2fs}
fileviewer *.rar unrar v %c
" IsoMount
filetype *.iso
       \ {Mount with fuseiso}
" SshMount
filetype *.ssh
       \ {Mount with sshfs}
" FtpMount
filetype *.ftp
       \ {Mount with curlftpfs}
       \ FUSE_MOUNT2|curlftpfs -o ftp_port=-,,disable_eprt %PARAM %DESTINATION_DIR %FOREGROUND,
" Fuse7z and 7z archives
filetype *.7z
       \ {Mount with fuse-7z}
fileviewer *.7z 7z l %c
" Office files
filextype *.odt,*.doc,*.docx,*.xls,*.xlsx,*.odp,*.pptx libreoffice %f &
fileviewer *.doc catdoc %c
fileviewer *.docx, docx2txt.pl %f -
" TuDu files
filetype *.tudu tudu -f %c
" Qt projects
filextype *.pro qtcreator %f &
" Directories
filextype */
        \ {View in thunar}
        \ Thunar %f &,
" Syntax highlighting in preview
" Explicitly set highlight type for some extensions
" 256-color terminal
" fileviewer *.[ch],*.[ch]pp highlight -O xterm256 -s dante --syntax c %c
" fileviewer Makefile,Makefile.* highlight -O xterm256 -s dante --syntax make %c
" 16-color terminal
" fileviewer *.c,*.h highlight -O ansi -s dante %c
" Or leave it for automatic detection
fileviewer *[^/] pygmentize -O style=monokai -f console256 -g
" Displaying pictures in terminal
" fileviewer *.jpg,*.png shellpic %c
" Open all other files with default system programs (you can also remove all
" :file[x]type commands above to ensure they don't interfere with system-wide
" settings).  By default all unknown files are opened with 'vi[x]cmd'
" uncommenting one of lines below will result in ignoring 'vi[x]cmd' option
" for unknown file types.
" For *nix:
" filetype * xdg-open
" For OS X:
" filetype * open
" For Windows:
" filetype * start, explorer
" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
" What should be saved automatically between vifm runs
" Like in previous versions of vifm
" set vifminfo=options,filetypes,commands,bookmarks,dhistory,state,cs
" Like in vi
set vifminfo=dhistory,savedirs,chistory,state,tui,shistory,
" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
" Examples of configuring both panels
" Customize view columns a bit (enable ellipsis for truncated file names)
set viewcolumns=-{name}..,6{}.
" Filter-out build and temporary files
" filter! /^.*\.(lo|o|d|class|py[co])$|.*~$/
" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
" Sample mappings
" Start shell in current directory
nnoremap s :shell<cr>
" Display sorting dialog
nnoremap S :sort<cr>
" Toggle visibility of preview window
nnoremap w :view<cr>
vnoremap w :view<cr>gv
" Open file in existing instance of gvim
nnoremap o :!gvim --remote-tab-silent %f<cr>
" Open file in new instance of gvim
nnoremap O :!gvim %f<cr>
" Open file in the background using its default program
nnoremap gb :file &<cr>l
" Yank current directory path into the clipboard
nnoremap yd :!echo %d | xclip %i<cr>
" Yank current file path into the clipboard
nnoremap yf :!echo %c:p | xclip %i<cr>
" Mappings for faster renaming
nnoremap I cw<c-a>
nnoremap cc cw<c-u>
nnoremap A cw
" Open console in current directory
nnoremap ,t :!urxvt &<cr>
" Open editor to edit vifmrc and apply settings after returning to vifm
nnoremap ,c :write | edit $MYVIFMRC | restart<cr>
" Open gvim to edit vifmrc
nnoremap ,C :!gvim --remote-tab-silent $MYVIFMRC &<cr>
" Toggle wrap setting on ,w key
nnoremap ,w :set wrap!<cr>
" Example of standard two-panel file managers mappings
nnoremap <f3> :!less %f<cr>
nnoremap <f4> :edit<cr>
nnoremap <f5> :copy<cr>
nnoremap <f6> :move<cr>
nnoremap <f7> :mkdir<space>
nnoremap <f8> :delete<cr>
nnoremap ] :copy<cr>
nnoremap [ :copy&<cr>
nnoremap > :move<cr>
nnoremap < :move&<cr>
" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
" Various customization examples
" Use ag (the silver searcher) instead of grep
" set grepprg=ag\ --line-numbers\ %i\ %a\ %s
" Add additional place to look for executables
" let $PATH=$HOME.'/bin/fuse:'.$PATH
" Block particular shortcut
" nnoremap <left> <nop>
" Add devicons support, you have to install the correct patched font
" https://github.com/ryanoasis/nerd-fonts
" file types
set classify=' :dir:/, :exe:, :reg:, :link:'
" various file names
set classify+=' ::../::, ::*.sh,,*.fish,,*.bash,,*.zsh::, ::*.[hc]pp::, ::*.[hc]::, ::/^copying|license$/::, ::.git/,,*.git/::, ::*.epub,,*.fb2,,*.djvu::, ::*.pdf::, ::*.htm,,*.html,,*.[sx]html,,*.xml::'
" archives
set classify+=' ::*.7z,,*.ace,,*.arj,,*.bz2,,*.cpio,,*.deb,,*.dz,,*.gz,,*.jar,,*.lzh,,*.lzma,,*.rar,,*.rpm,,*.rz,,*.tar,,*.taz,,*.tb2,,*.tbz,,*.tbz2,,*.tgz,,*.tlz,,*.trz,,*.txz,,*.tz,,*.tz2,,*.xz,,*.z,,*.zip,,*.zoo,,*.iso,,*.img,,*.dmg,,*.pkg::'
" images
set classify+=' ::*.bmp,,*.gif,,*.jpeg,,*.jpg,,*.ico,,*.icns,,*.png,,*.ppm,,*.svg,,*.svgz,,*.tga,,*.tif,,*.tiff,,*.xbm,,*.xcf,,*.xpm,,*.xspf,,*.xwd::'
set classify+=' ::*.ai,,*.psd,,*.psb::'
" audio
set classify+=' ::*.aac,,*.anx,,*.asf,,*.au,,*.axa,,*.m2a,,*.m4a,,*.mid,,*.midi,,*.mpc,,*.oga,,*.ogx,,*.ra,,*.ram,,*.rm,,*.spx,,*.ac3::'
set classify+=' ::*.mp3,,*.flac,,*.wav,,*.ogg,,*.wma::'
" media
set classify+=' ::*.ts,,*.axv,,*.divx,,*.m2v,,*.m4p,,*.m4v,,.mka,,*.mp4v,,*.nuv,,*.ogv,,*.pbm,,*.pgm,,*.qt,,*.vob,,*.xvid::'
set classify+=' ::*.avi,,*.wmv,,*.m[p]eg,,*.rmvb,,*.rm,,*.mkv,,*.flv,,*.mp4,,*.mov,,*.webm::'
" office files
set classify+=' ::*.doc,,*.docx::, ::*.xls,,*.xls[mx]::, ::*.pptx,,*.ppt::'
" devicons
set classify+=' ::*.txt::,λ ::*.ml,,*.mli::, ::*.styl::, ::*.scss::, ::*.py,,*.pyc,,*.pyd,,*.pyo::, ::*.php::, ::*.markdown,,*.md::, ::*.json::, ::*.js::, ::*.ejs,,*.slim::, ::*.hbs,,*mustache::, ::*.css,,*.less::, ::*.bat,,*.conf,,*.ini,,*.rc,,*.yml::, ::*.rss::, ::*.coffee::, ::*.twig::, ::*.hs,,*.lhs,,*.lua::, ::*.jl::, ::*.go::, ::*.ts::, ::*.db,,*.dump,,*.sql::, ::*.sln,,*.suo::, ::*.diff::, ::*.scala::, ::*.java::, ::*.xul::, ::*.clj,,*.cljc::, ::*.pl,,*.pm,,*.t::, ::*.cljs,,*.edn::, ::*.rb::, ::*.dart::, ::*.f#,,*.fs,,*.fsi,,*.fsscript,,*.fsx::, ::*.rlib,,*.rs::, ::*.d::, ::*.erl,,*.hrl::, ::*.jsx::, ::*.vim,,*.vimrc::, ::*.log::'
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